SeeShop – mobile app design
„SeeShop” app was a hackathon project during HackYeah in Warsaw in September 2019. I was in the team with 5 people and we had 24 hours to provide a project with a code and a demo. We decided to make a project from the main category which was „Communication”. Our goal was to create a solution that will help prevent blind people from social exclusion by participating in daily duties, which for the sight is something obvious but for the blind is a huge problem.

We designed a system which offers more freedom to blind people while doing groceries. System consists of phone application preferably paired with wristband with NFC connectivity onboard. We use application and voice commands to create groceries list, once it’s done, through API we communicate with shop to provide us with products location mapped onto floor plan (such information is often part of existing WMS). With that information we prepare waypoints which guide client from one product to another till the end of the list using both visual and voice clues. We use beacons to locate and track client position along with NFC tags to provide feedback about which products are being taken off the shelf as well as their price. By combining wristband and beacons capabilities we can provide physical feedback through vibrations and inform client if he is about to grab desired product or tip over some other item making them feel more at ease and independent.

My role in the project:
UX and UI design
Graphic design
Presetation preparation

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